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Business Loans for Professional Doctors (unsecured)
Small Business Loans from $150k-$1Million

Professional Doctors Financing – Suitable candidates: Licensed Doctor/Dentist in Ontario requiring financing for practice expansion, new office launch, equipment, new employee and cash flow financing. Recent graduates are welcome!

Primary Requirements:
1. Confirmed license
2. Use of proceeds + business plan

Very often recent graduates from Med school have no financial means to start their new practice, and without significant financial expertise starting new medical office could be a huge hassle and very disappointing experience with huge number of mistakes leading to significant financial losses at the beginning of the new venture. At we help new Doctors in several ways:
1. Selection of the premises for new practice
2. Selection of equipment vendors for new practice
3. Financial plan and modeling for the first 2 years of practice, with support stuff budgeting
4. Selection of the first business loan provider, advice on terms and conditions of the loan
5. Preparation and advice on all documents required for business loan application

Smart initial financial setup will lead to effective practice operations, efficient use of borrowed funds with timely loan pay out and minimization of interest paid over time. Our knowledgeable associates will execute hassle free approval process, advise on milestones and features that in our experience have to be present in doctor’s loans, speed up the execution by providing quality advise on all of the paperwork that is required by the financial institution selected as initial provider.

Our knowledgeable stuff helped financing dental offices, family doctors’ offices and specialist offices, with budgets starting at 250k and up to$ 1 million.

Doctors with practice of 2 years+ sometimes require financing for equipment update, expansion or 2nd and 3rd office opening. We can structure and advise on the most efficient way to finance office expansion or grand opening as well. Existing Doctors have advantage over new graduates as they can show historic cash flow and projections could be based on the results previously achieved by the applicant. In either case professional advice from experts in their field will allow applicants to concentrate on their practice and logistical needs based on realistic and well thought budget created by our associates with client in mind, achieving financing enough to cover the budget will be our major goal and we are proud to say that in most cases we achieve 100% from requested funds in a form of small business loans after structuring Doctors application and advising our client on every required financial decision.

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