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3 Steps To Applying For a Small Business Loans from $100k-500k

Are You Eligible? Suitable candidates:

  • Small/Medium Enterprises

  • Existing for over one year on the market

  • Proven revenue generation ( there are many different ways we can accept this)


  • Good credit score 650 and up
  • Good net worth of the business owner
  • Ability to show that business generates income (please ask how)

Is Your Paperwork

  • Financial Statements
  • Incorporation certificate and/or business license
  • Credit report
  • Lease (if any)

We can provide financing for a variety of businesses:

Restaurants and Retail

The most important criteria in order to obtain such a business loan are the following: strong established credit, preferably 700 BCN +, availability of personal funds preferably minimum 30%-50% from the required budget including carrying costs for the first 6 months, previous experience in the field, selection of good location, selection of good personnel. Once initial assessment of the application is performed by our experts, we will be well position to provide our clients with a timely advice if small business loan financing could be obtained or could not be obtained. In any case we will advise the client on the steps and procedures, assist our client with preparation of the proper business plan that is always required for small business loans, prepare well balanced and realistic financial projections, opening balance sheet, beak even analysis and sensitivity analysis, which are all part of the small business loan application process.

Manufacturing sector

This sector is by far one of the most interesting sectors to seek financing in. There are multiple ways to obtain financing for manufacturing companies and our experts are well positioned to advise our clients on small business loans in order to finance, equipment purchases, renovations, short term cash needs, marketing needs and new employee hiring.
Normally our experts go through a thorough list of questions with our clients in order to understand in depth actual requirements and also expected results from investment financed by a small business loan weather it is derived from CSBFL program or any other program offered on the market. Once requirements and economic effects of the investment are calculated our experts will advise and structure the application in the most efficient manner in order for client to qualify and obtain maximum leverage required in order satisfy financing needs.

Automotive sector

Automotive sector is one of the segments of economy that is also very challenging to finance using standard programs offered by chartered banks.
Our experts financed dozens of automotive businesses and have in depth knowledge and expertise on how to structure small business loan application in order to get a maximum leverage possible. As with most small business loans, financing could be used for equipment purchase such as lifts, cranes, emission test rigs etc., renovations purposes, short term and long term cash flow needs. Our experts financed garages, automotive repair shops, body shops and specialized mechanical shops all over Ontario.

Doctors & Other Professionals

It is imperative for a Doctor that has just finished medical school to have access to affordable and comprehensive financing.

At we are proud to say that we can service your every need, from renovations on the leased premises, purchase of required equipment, budget for support stuff salary, marketing, short term cash needs and every other possible reason why new Doctor might need financing for. We have also experience financing expansion for established Doctors, such as small business loan in order to open 2nd or 3rd office purchase new equipment etc.

IT Companies

IT is one of the fastest growing sectors of Canadian economy, small companies in this sector have a very unique ability to grow fast exponentially increasing its revenues, number of services and streams of income.

Ability to obtain a small business loan for small start-up or existing IT Company sometimes could mean a difference between success and failure. Small business loan for IT sector could include financing for purchase of tangible equipment, operating capital, renovations and many other business needs. Our experts advise on financing of various IT businesses and are well positioned to help our clients obtaining required financing.

Transportation and logistics

Transportation and logistics plays a huge part in Canadian economy, and due to the nature of the business requires enormous amounts of financing. Most small companies in this segment could benefit from small business loan financing on early stages of their development.

Our specialists financed multiple logistics companies, and helped purchase new trucks and trailers, renovate and improve existing premises, operating cash requirements, marketing and expansion financing.