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Dear Mortgage Broker,
Do you offer your clients UNSECURED BUSINESS FINANCING UP TO $500K per deal?

WeCanFinancial offers you our proprietary broker referral program EASY BUSINESS LOAN*  or  “EBL”   (do not confuse with SBL)

Start offering your clients EBL now and double or triple your commission revenue!

What can WeCanFinancial offer?

1)      Expanded product coverage, making you mortgage broker also business/corporate finance adviser
2)      Simple 3 step qualification process
3)      Ability to run the deal without underwriting or in house financial analyst
4)      Outsourced execution of the deal
5)      Simple and rewarding fee structure

How can you start working with WeCanFinancial and offer EBL to your clients?

1)      Let us run a short 20 minutes presentation of the product covering most of the topics that  brokers need to understand
2)      In order to simplify this process, no intense financial knowledge is needed, all of it is outsourced to us at WeCanFinancial
3)      After learning the basic 4 step qualification process, you are ready to start pre-qualifying clients for EBL
4)      Once client is prequalified, you collect standard short document request and offload analytics and loan placement to WeCanFinancial.
5)      Once loan is placed, WeCanFinancial delivers the referral fee payment directly to you- the broker or your brokerage by wire or certified check

So what is the qualification process?

In order to simplify this process brokers/agents thinking of offering EASY BUSINESS LOAN,  need their clients to answer “YES” to all 4 of the below questions.
1)      Is your beacon score above 700? YES
2)      Did you operate your business for longer than 2 years? YES
3)      Do you own your home?  YES
4)      You have never gone through bankruptcy or consumer proposals   YES

Once the questions above are all answered “YES”, agent/broker can now collect standard document request from their client and submit directly to WeCanFinancial by email.

Standard document request is short but comprehensive:

1)      Copy of Equifax report
2)      Copies of last 2 year financial statements for the business( income statement and balance sheet)
3)      Copy of the tax bill for client’s home
4)      Copy of mortgage statement for clients home
5)      Short description of clients business and financing request, including what is the money to be used for if approved.

Our team works with the file, makes sure that the file is financeable, and finishes the transaction on behalf of the broker/agent. About 30%-50% of mortgage broker clients are self-employed clients, which run their businesses- corporations or sole proprietorships. 90% of businesses constantly need money to grow and expand.

Start talking to your clients today and double your income with EBL and WeCanFinancial.
Call us 647.560.1736!

*EASY BUSINESS LOAN – is a unique program designed by WeCanFinancial that includes a list and variations of unsecured financing programs offered by various financial institution in Ontario. Its simplified unified underwriting process and fully outsourced placement mechanism, allows mortgage brokers to initiate and direct the deal, without spending time on analytics, negotiations and financial modeling, which is all done by WeCanFinancial team. WeCanFinancial team acts as management consultant and financial advisor, helping brokers and their clients sourcing and securing business funding in a much more efficient manner. Brokers expand their range of services, without spending much time on learning or placing the deals.cialisviagra fiyat