Small Business Loans for professionals

There are a lot of submissions that gets through the website and phone calls with questions about business loans for professionals. Lawyers, Doctors, Dentists all require substantial financial resources to be available to them daily to run their practices smoothly. Also many young professionals require funding for start-up, equipment and rapid expansion in many cases.  In this article we will discuss several different models of funding young and established professionals with some examples added to the conversation. Our proprietary structure helps funding Doctors, Lawyers, Dentists, Psychiatrists, Accountants and Finance professionals with a specialised small business loans solution.
Most common requests that we get is a small business loans for doctors or dentists. Average cost of primary office setup [...]

Small Business Loans combined with real estate purchase

A lot of our clients when asking for small business loans solution are wondering if it is possible to have small business loans financing product attached to a mortgage product, and if it makes sense to do this at all or not? There are advantages and disadvantages attached to this process. In this article we will discuss some of the strong and weak points in combining small business loan product with a mortgage product, and will give our prospective clients some advice on what to do with these both products.
For a lender, knowing that a client applying for a small business loan owns a residential or commercial real estate is a good thing. It shows that a client [...]

Franchise Financing

Franchise Financing – basics in franchise selection and financing process.
Many aspiring business owners participate in many quarterly franchise shows, where hundreds of franchisors showcase their business models and are trying to gain additional exposure to their products for potential franchisees and also financial institutions that are financing the expansions and acquisition of the franchises. Selecting the franchise is extremely important and responsible process for anyone aspiring to own their business, also selecting a financing method (normally come as a way of small business loan) is as important if not more important than anything from start to finish. We receive many inquiries about franchise financing and this is one of the series of articles in this regards covering the [...]

Small Business Loans for IT Companies

Many small IT companies with good growth patterns and serious capital requirement always find themselves in the position where, company makes good money, company grows really fast, but at the same time lacks cash for expansion, marketing, equipment and new employees. This might be related to many reasons and in fact, within current banking environment small business loans for IT or many other segments of the industry are very difficult if not impossible to get.  So what options owners of IT companies and self-employed IT professionals have in order to receive small business financing – small business loans?
Typically the only real way to obtain small business loans  in a conventional way is to go through the bank, qualify [...]

Equipment financing for small business, how and when?

Many small business owners constantly require new financing in order to grow and support the production or retail facilities. One of the most common financing requirements is the requirement of funds for equipment purchase.  Obviously some financial institutions offer leasing options which sometimes is a better way of financing equipment acquisition.  But a lot of equipment cannot be leased and purchase financing is the only option which is also very difficult to find.
We offer our clients multiple options how to finance equipment and this article is just a glimpse of the possibilities how to get the required financing obtained. Our proprietary financing program allows financing different types of equipment based on strong financial performance of the company, ability [...]