Corporate loans and small business loans for non-typical businesses

//Corporate loans and small business loans for non-typical businesses

Corporate loans and small business loans for non-typical businesses

Over the last several years and our team, helped arranging financing for many service oriented businesses, transportation companies, service industry, high tech firms, doctors and professionals. Recently we received several interesting requests, which are considered unorthodox in financing community in Toronto. In this article we will continue discussing corporate loans and small business loan products unified by EBL – Easy Business Loan program.

Hot summer in that is coming to Toronto is accompanied by an influx of new business financing and modeling requests. We see many entrepreneurs striving to think out of the box, and develop new fresh and exciting business models. While entrepreneurs are working on their expansion and development ideas, is working on business modeling, financial projections, and financing opportunities, to fund the expansion. Interesting request came to us this week from a young entrepreneur who provides IT services, at a much lower rate to client in Canada, by outsourcing the work to developing countries. Even though the business is young, the revenue growth is tremendous, and profitability should be reached within next 12 months or so. Low overhead, super-efficient business model is what makes this business interesting. The fact that it is a Canadian business with very little Canadian operations is what makes this business unorthodox for financing purposes. Entrepreneur who started this business financed everything internally up to date and was asking for funding of a smaller scale than usual for our clients. was able to source funding source for the transaction, with full modeling and business planning package attached with the financing offer.

Another interesting request our firm received came from a pretty successful temp stuffing agency. Company has been in business for several years, reached several million dollars in revenue and looks highly profitable. The unorthodox side of financing companies like this, is that there is little or next to 0 assets. modeled this deal on very conservative cash flow basis, and was able to come up with a pricing model which is acceptable by the client, and very favourable by the capital provider. As usual the deal has to qualify through our unified corporate debt/ small business loans EBL criteria, available on our website.

The high tech boom is upon us once again. There are countless companies in Toronto developing proprietary software, social media plug ins and applications, games and interactive media. Entrepreneurs are looking for equity and debt capital in order to fuel this massive and super dynamic industry. As discussed in our previous articles our proprietary underwriting program – EBL could be tweaked to service most segments of the business, as long as EBL criteria are met. The only exceptions are businesses that have environmental risks, moral risks or reputational risks. We have recently started financing successful food related businesses as well. Criteria for food industry are more stringent. and our team is prepared to review business planning and financing request, from strong revenue and bottom line restaurants, in business for over 2 years or more. Some franchise start up opportunities could also be reviewed. For all food related business planning and financing inquiries we advise to add extra time for qualification purposes.

As a reminder and for information purposes we will review basic requirements of EBL – Easy Business Loan program

  1.  Business has to be established for over 2 years
  2.  Business owner credit rating has to be above 700 (on Equifax)
  3.  2 Year financial statements should show strong revenues and positive trend
  4.  Business owner has to be able to verify personal net worth in the amount above required financing request

If you or your client qualifies under these 4 easy criteria, and our associates will prepare professional short or full version of business plan, financial modeling, break even analysis and sensitivity analysis, catered to the best institution out there to provide funding in the form of corporate debt, small business loan, or other forms of financing. Private equity financing is also available for exception businesses.

Happy Financing Every one !

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